Aeolus Partnerships

Aeolus Partnerships offer you the opportunity to benefit from reduced electricity prices without the cash outlay of buying a turbine.

Our Approach

The Advantages of a partnership agreement:

    Rental Income
    A 20 year rental income from an Endurance Wind Power turbine sited on your land. The annual rent will be linked to inflation. Current rental rates range from £3500 to £5000 based on your wind speed and predicted production.

    Fixed price electricity for the first 3 years
    The price of your electricity will be substantially below that charged by the ‘big 6’ energy companies. At the end of the 3 year period the price is fixed for a further 3 years at the ‘export rate’ quoted on that day.  We will show you a current example of a Partnership Agreement in operation when we meet with you.

    We pay for everything
    If you would like a Land Leasing Partnership then we pay for everything including: planning, legal fees, ground works, insurance, installation, turbine maintenance at 5,000 hourly intervals and if necessary, any repairs.  It costs you nothing.

    Joint Ownership
    If you would like to jointly own the turbine with us then a percentage of the costs will be agreed with you before the project starts.

Turbine Partnerships are designed so that you can benefit from a windy spot on your land by land leasing or by purchasing up to 49% of the wind turbine.

After Completion

When the Partnership agreement runs out you have the opportunity to:

Once planning has been agreed we will agree a new Partnership with you, allowing you to continue to benefit from reduced price electricity.

How to get started

The first step in the Partnership is to discuss with you your electricity needs and the kind of financial agreement you would like, from part ownership of a wind turbine through to simply leasing your land to us.  The wind speed at your location is checked and a site visit establishes the most appropriate place to site the turbine.  We then develop a partnership agreement to suit your precise needs.

Aeolus Power (Wind Energy) Ltd

As the first approved distributor and installer of Endurance Wind Power turbines in the UK Aeolus Power offers a complete ‘wraparound’ service from project concept, through planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance.  We will even complete the paperwork on your behalf if you would like us to do so! Please contact Pete Griffiths on 01454 633 323 or for more information or to discuss your own ideas for a partnership agreement.

Aeolus Power Group

Aeolus Power Group web site  

Aeolus Partnerships is part of the Aeolus Power Group. The Aeolus Power Group specialises in renewable energy. The Group comprises Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited, Aeolus Power Biomass & PV, and Aeolus Partnerships.

Aeolus Power wind energy for wind turbines  

To find out more about wind energy, wind turbines and advice on site assessment to installation please take a look at our Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited website. The wind turbines we offer are eligible for the Feed in Tariff.

Aeolus Power Biomass and Solar PV  

To find out more about biomass boilers and solar panels look at our Aeolus Power Biomass & PV website. The solar panels we offer are eligible for the Feed in Tariff and our biomass boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.